Yes Bitcoins do work!

I have said this is still very much early days for Bitcoins and I have to tell myself to stop looking at the market price and all the positive and negative comments out there, it can drive you mad.

In addition once the hype has gone and the price has settled, then the true idea of bitcoins will rise to the surface.

So I am pleased to say that during my early work in promoting the bitcoin directory I was pleased to hear back from one company who has already been paid in Bitcoins.

The company is Golden mean calipers which is run by Nick Taylor a specialist in web development and sells Calipers over in New Zealand. I should have asked where the client was based too.

Which means I really need to get bitcoins accepted on my website for the BBC Iplayer Proxy for expats living abroad, a perfect match in actual fact. I just need to find the time to set it up.

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