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Bitcoins are they the Future?

So I am just one day in from buying some Bitcoins and already it seems to be a good deal, as their value is still rising, with someone calling they will rise to $100 by the end of June!

In some ways this all is very scary, as when things rise so fast there will and should be some kind of adjustment, if it works like any other commodity, which after all is what we all want. At some stage I would assume the price will steady and I would expect the coins will be used to buy products. At present it is almost impossible to quote for a product, when the price changes so fast.

Saying this at least the price is regulated as any market should be, not manipulated by other forces. Well I have to assume this of course, but nothing can be as bad as the manipulation of Gold, Silver and Oil and let alone the insider dealing that goes on with the large corporation.

This is why this need to work, so even though I have been reading negative comments about Bitcoins I am still fully behind this initiative. Only time will tell and although this idea for me is fantastic, in some ways I would be happy if it doesn’t get too big, because when it does, powerful people I am sure will try to destroy this fantastic idea.

So if you want to be reminded why, the video is bellow: